Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations Details

Denburg & Low, PA, is a certified public accounting firm specialized in providing auditing, tax and consulting services for non-profit organizations. Non-profits are one of the major industry specializations for us. We have offices in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. Our staff size is large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to deliver the responsive service you expect. We offer your organization the best of two worlds – the experience and expertise of a regional firm combined with the personalized attention and focus of a dedicated local firm.

We have grown into a reputable regional firm with a base of non-profit clients managed by sophisticated business people who, in addition to recurring audit and tax services, require a technically oriented CPA firm that can meet their specialized needs. These include operational audits, computer systems analysis, advanced tax and accounting research, and business and strategic planning.

Representative Clients

The following is a representative list of clients for whom we provide audit, accounting, consulting or tax related services:

  • America’s Agenda; Healthcare for Kids

  • Association des Conseillers du Commerce

  • Catholic War Veterans of the United States of America, Inc.

  • Commission on Presidential Debates

  • Curriki

  • District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc.

  • Families U.S.A. Foundation

  • Fiduciary Counselors

  • Foundation for Traditional Studies

  • Friends of Florence

  • International Association for Volunteer Effort

  • The International Center

  • Office of the Election Officer – International Brotherhood of Teamsters

  • Rock the Vote

  • U.S. Chess Center

  • U.S. Vietnam Trade Council

  • U.S. Vietnam Trade Forum, Inc.

  • Univ. Consortium for Geographic Information Services

  • Washington – Ireland Program for Service and Leadership

Benefits of Selecting Our Firm

We offer the following points for your consideration:

  • We are highly specialized and experienced in providing non-profit audit services.

  • You will receive close, personalized service.

  • Our billing rates are significantly less than a large CPA firm.

  • We have a reputation of providing timely service.

  • We staff our non-profit audits with experienced, senior level professionals who are familiar with non-profit accounting systems and specialized general ledger/accounting software programs.

  • We are familiar with your specialized accounting issues and needs.

Names and Biographies of Senior Professionals
Who Work in the Non-Profit Area

Their brief biographical sketches are as follows:

Jay R. Defibaugh has been involved in non-profit accounting and tax issues from the beginning of his public accounting career over thirty years ago. His experience includes audit and tax services to public charities, private foundations, social welfare organizations, veterans groups and trade associations. His clients have been involved in local, national and international issues ranging from training severely handicapped individuals to studying human rights issues and economic and democratic concerns in a variety of foreign countries. He has faced many complex situations including joint-cost allocations, systems requirements for many of the organizations serviced, consolidation issues and the special requirements surrounding federally funded programs.

Niel B. Jefferson has been working with non-profit organizations and their unique accounting and tax issues for more than thirty years. His experience includes, but is not limited to, working with management in the development of reporting and accounting systems; allocation methodology for functional reporting and joint cost allocations; tax compliance and exempt status qualifications as well as financial audits. He provides a broad base of experience to draw from in analyzing an organization’s issues and they cover a wide variety of organizations that include public charities, social welfare organizations and trade associations.